Subfloor Repairs in Anderson CA

Are you looking for a qualified subfloor contractor?

It’s essential to have a professional subfloor contractor repair your flooring; Incorrect installation or using the wrong materials for repair can lead to several problems and potentially thousands extra in repairs!

At Simplicity Flooring and Tile, we have experience repairing subflooring from all types of damage, including water damage. Don’t let bad repairs cost you more money in the long run! Go with the experts you can trust. Call us today at (530) 278-1176.

We offer free estimates on all repairs, and we guarantee that we won’t leave until the job is done right! Our technicians are experienced professionals who will quickly diagnose the problem and provide an affordable solution so that you can get back on track with your home improvement project without any further delay.

The subfloor is the foundation beneath the decorative material layer of hardwood, tile or carpet. A poorly installed subfloor will cause squeaking, cracking, and other problems that might make the floor unusable in the long run. It is crucial to start with a solid foundation to avoid issues down the road.

The subfloor material should consist of plywood, particleboard, or oriented strand board on solid framings such as joists, beams, and girders. Sometimes the walls below will act as the framing members. Floor joists are always used if possible, even removing existing subflooring material to install new floor joists throughout the subfloor area. If there’s no space behind the wall for installing floor joists, use either plywood or oriented strand board placed over sidewalls that don’t have any wiring, plumbing, or other obstructions.

How should I prepare for my new floors to be installed by a professional?

    If you’re getting new flooring installed, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

    First and foremost, make sure the surface you’re installing the material on is clean and free of debris. The floor should also be level – if it’s not, use a leveling compound to fix the issue before installation begins.

    If you have appliances or furniture that needs to be moved, now is the time to do it. Make sure you have plenty of help – it can be a big job!

    Once everything is ready, our team will come in and get to work. They’ll take care of everything, from removing the old flooring to installing the new flooring – so you can relax and enjoy the finished product. Subfloor repair Anderson ca


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