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Experience floor shopping in a new and simplified way with our “Mobile Showroom service.” We help eliminate all the hassle of shopping online, visiting local home improvement stores, or spending too much time driving showroom to showroom in the hopes of finding the perfect flooring material.

Working with us through our mobile showroom service, you get personalized one-on-one service, and it’s as if you have a personal assistant to help you find the perfect flooring material without you having to leave your home. 

Our Flooring Expert will guide you through our signature 4 step process, where we learn about what’s important to you—styles, budgets, specific requirements, like waterproof or pet friendly. 

Then we spend the time, not you, finding all the best materials and putting them together into a presentation. Once we feel we have figured out the best solution, we will come to you to review the material in your home, where you can see them matched up against your furniture and interior decor. 

The best part about our mobile showroom process is that you don’t waste any time viewing materials that don’t match your specific criteria. You only see the colors, material types, and styles that fit your budget. 

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