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 If you’re in the market for a new flooring material for your home, you should consider carpet. Carpet is one of the best flooring materials available because it’s very comfortable to walk on and perfect for homes with kids or pets.

Some people decide against carpet because they have a busy household full of children and pets and are worried about stains, smells, and having dirt tracked into their home that ruins their flooring or makes it difficult to maintain.

However, thanks to advancements in fiber technology, unique materials are being manufactured specifically for busy households with these concerns in mind. 

Now, even busy families such as yours can enjoy soft and warm carpet flooring without any worries of ruining the investment with your active lifestyle.

These types of carpeting are designed for each purpose and rigorously tested for how well it holds up against stains and odors. With the success companies like Mowhawk have had, they even offer unbelievable warranties for their particular lines of carpets made for homes with kids and pets.

Additionally, carpet is very affordable compared to other flooring materials. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that still provides a lot of benefits, then carpet is the right choice for you.

Simplicity Flooring & Tile is a carpet flooring contractor in Redding, CA, offering a wide range of carpet options for residential and commercial carpet installations.

We can help you find the best material, and we can also provide a hassle-free installation. Our licensed carpet flooring contractors are true professionals and knowledgeable in all flooring materials, giving them the ability to offer you the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

Commercial Carpet:

Commercial carpets are designed for heavy traffic and rugged use. They’re typically Berber, which means the fibers wrap around a backing that provides more durability than soft carpet but not as much comfort or flexibility; this makes them perfect in commercial spaces where they need to be able to stand up against lots of abuse.

Commercial-grade carpeting has been specially bred with low-pile heights so it can handle extended wear from foot traffic–this way, you don’t end up having matting problems from high traffic throughout your office.

Carpet Installation 

Simplicity Flooring & Tile is a carpet flooring contractor in Redding, CA, offering a wide range of residential and commercial carpet installation services. With over 20 years of experience installing all types of flooring, we are incredibly familiar with carpets and what it takes to apply them professionally over numerous types of subflooring.

Vacuum your carpet regularly to keep it looking and feeling its best. Deeper cleans are recommended for those with especially dirty or dusty conditions, but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as well.

If there are spills regularly (i.e.: wine), then take extra care during cleaning by using an absorbent kit first before washing out all visible stains with some laundry detergent mixed in water.

If stains are not resolved with home cleaning remedies, don’t wait too long to call a professional carpet cleaning service. The longer the stain is in the fiber, the more likely it can become permanent. So getting a professional to come and quickly remove the stain is the best solution for stains that are hard to remove yourself.


     There are many reasons it is essential to hire a licensed flooring contracting company when having carpet installed in your home. With a licensed flooring company, you get an installation warranty, a company that knows the proper seams and tolerances and understands how much padding should be used.

     The most significant reason for not hiring a carpet installer is the price. Frequently consumers will attempt to “DIY” the carpet install, but this can be even more costly if something goes wrong.

     Hiring an installer will ensure that your carpet is installed correctly. Most people do not have the proper tools or skills to install a carpet themselves, and consumers will often damage their subfloor (plywood) or stretch the carpet improperly during installation.

     Having someone who knows how to do the job correctly will ensure that your carpet is installed correctly, and the investment in your new flooring will be set up to last a lifetime.


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