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Looking For Beautiful Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floors are the most popular choice in flooring, and they add warmth and character to rooms and can be refinished or repaired if damaged. Hardwood is a renewable resource that’s easy to maintain, making it an eco-friendly option. There are many different types of wood floors available, solid, engineered, prefinished, and unfinished options. However, the most reliable selection of wood for floors would be solid hardwood, and this timeless selection never goes out of style and will constantly remind you of its reliability.

Advantages to Hardwood Floors

  • Elegance– A high-quality hardwood floor has always been associated with wealth and class, and for excellent reason. The natural grains and knots in hardwood panels give a unique charm and comfort that any fake wood or stone cannot replicate.
  • Selection- There is a wide selection of hardwoods for your home. A few popular types of wood flooring include hickory, elm, white oak, red oak, birch pecan acacia, and more. The possibilities go even more profound when you begin to select different stains and finishes for your hardwood floors. The finish can give an expensive glossy or a more diffused matte look. Whatever style you are trying to adapt, hardwood is out there for you.
  • Repairable- If something goes wrong, water damage, or another incident where the flooring needs to be replaced, you usually can replace particular floorboards and not the entire floor. Also, if it’s only surface damage, you can sand and resurface the top layer without replacing your full room. This is one of the best advantages wooden floors have over other material types.

     Now that you know about the different types of hardwood flooring, you can choose the right option for your home or business. If you would like more guidance on what hardwood flooring is the right choice for you, then feel free to give Simplicity Flooring & Tile a call, and we would love to walk you through our simple process of helping you determine what’s best for both your design style and project application.  

  • Hemlock is a type of hardwood that resists warping particularly well compared to other hardwoods. This makes hemlock great for moisture-rich and heavily trafficked areas, like bathrooms, basements, or hallways.


  • Sugar Maple is a type of hardwood prized for its beauty and strength. It is a good choice for both residential and commercial applications. This type of flooring is also resistant to moisture and scratches, making it a durable option.


  • American Cherry is another popular type of hardwood. It features a beautiful red hue and a tight grain pattern. This type of flooring is also durable and resists rotting, making it an excellent fit for outdoor flooring.


  • Brazilian is a striking option that features a deep red color and an intricate wood grains pattern. This type of flooring is also very durable and can hold a very high weight, making it great for outdoor furniture and walkways.


  • Oak is a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. It is solid and durable and comes in various finishes to suit any style. It also has an appealing natural grain. Whatever you’re looking for, may it be red oak, white oak, ash, or hickory plank. What can help you choose the perfect oak is knowing your hardwood floor option’s best brand, features, and benefits.


  • Heritage Walnut is another attractive option. It features a deep, rich hue and a tight grain pattern. This type of wood is unique in its natural colors within the grain. This makes it an excellent option for large open spaces to give the room a unique pattern while remaining soothing and controlled.


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