Luxury Vinyl Plank

Create A Luxurious Home with Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank is the perfect solution to create an upscale look without the cost of purchasing natural stone, hardwood, or tile. Its durability and cleanliness make it an excellent option for high-traffic rooms and areas.

Many major brands offer a good warranty against fading or staining, so they’ll always look beautiful no matter what happens to them. Specific types can come with a waterproof core, so spills and standing water won’t damage your floors. This makes them perfect for basements and bathrooms that generally encounter more moisture.

What is vinyl flooring? 

Vinyl Planks (or LVP) are a new take on luxury that will give your home an upscale look at less than half the price of natural wood. This revolutionary product gives you a beautiful modern look without the hassles of maintaining and installing natural wood floors. 

This gives homeowners the power to lower renovation costs while improving the longevity of their property.

They come pre-attached to an easy-click locking system which makes installation quick and effortless; no messy glue or nails are needed. 

Vinyl Planks feature an innovative cushion backing that acts as ballast, ensuring the vinyl planks stay in place without the need for an underlay. LVP is capable of being installed directly onto concrete or over existing floors, which lowers labor costs and lowers the time needed for the renovation.

  • Waterproof – Vinyl flooring is durable against spills and leaks and is even resistant to standing water.


  • Durable- Vinyl planks are incredibly durable; unlike traditional wood floors, luxury vinyl planks do not chip, warp, or scratch easily, preventing your need to replace them.


  • Easy to clean- Because of its waterproof nature, stains do not stick easily to vinyl floors, making it perfect for families with pets and accident-prone children.


  • Affordable- At most hardware stores, wood flooring can cost upward of ten dollars per square foot. On the other hand, vinyl flooring, on average, costs two or three dollars per square foot.


  • Versatile- Depending on the condition of your home and your desired pattern, vinyl can be installed in many different styles and designs with ease.


  • Stylish– Vinyl planks are available in every style. This includes granite, marble, mahogany, birch, tiled patterns, and much more.


  • Vinyl flooring provides homeowners and renovators with a wide range of options guaranteed to impress any tenant or buyer.


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